• 2 years warranty
  • Èlite Line

S/S cream whipper

  • Full optional
  • Ideal for whipped cream, sauces, mousses, garnishes
  • S/S AISI 304
  • Suitable for hot sauces (<=70°C)
  • Head can be entirely disassembled to grant a perfect cleaning
  • Works with N20 8g charge (not included)


  • 3 S/S AISI 304 nozzles: cross, tulip and strait décor
  • 1 brush for cleaning
  • 1 assembled rubber gasket + 2 extra gaskets
  • INFUSION SET: S/S AISI 304 strainer with rubber gasket, S/S AISI 304 ventilation tube, silicon tube, brush.
  • INJECTION SET: Ø 3mm long, Ø 5mm long, Ø 3mm short, Ø 5mm short
Technical specifications
  • Capacity
    500 ml
  • Carton size
    1 pz 9 x 9 x 31,5 cm
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