Marcellino system


Thanks to the combination of the patented Marcellino system and the digital induction hob, work in your kitchen will be faster, more flexible, more efficient and cheaper. The interaction of induction technology with the patented Marcellino system allows high temperatures to be reached in a short time, saving energy without having to use a high voltage socket.

Emission savings:
up to 7,800 kg of CO2 per year

Saving energy costs (*):
9,100 euros per year


  • Marcellino multifunctional bathtub
  • Support Marcellino Mobile
  • Lid (with or without slots)
  • Protection and temperature maintenance cover

Complete with the product:

  • RS615 Induction 3500W

(*) Updated (12/2022) comparison  with pasta cookers or high voltage fryers

10 reasons to buy the Marcellino system

  1. Works at 220V
  2. Very low consumption
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Can cook large quantities of food
  5. Indispensable for catering
  6. Extremely easy to transport, assemble and store in a small space
  7. Indoor and outdoor use
  8. Can be use to offer differentiated cooking (food intolerances, celiac disease, etc.)
  9. Valid help for all kitchens and pastry shops
  10. Lightweight but extremely robust and reliable structure, therefore safe
Technical specifications
  • Induction cooker
    230 Volt ~ 50/60Hz - 3500 Watt
  • Plate size
    340 x 425 x 12 (H) mm
  • Tank capacity
    33 x 33 x 25 (H) cm
  • Capacity
    23 lt
  • Weight
    4,3 Kg
  • Carton size
    1 pz 46 x 42 x 31 (H) cm
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